Coil’s Toils – Guide to Mann vs. Machine (pt 1)

Coil’s Toils – Guide to Mann vs. Machine (pt 1)

love Team Fortress 2. The mechanics are fairly balanced, it’s not pay-to-win, and it never asks the question “what makes sense?” when it should ask “what would be fun?”. If you like Team Fortress 2 and reading things, you’re in luck – I’ll probably be writing a lot about it.

A lot of my TF2 hours were spent in the Mann vs. Machine game mode. It puts you and five friends (or random players if all your friends are playing Skyrim) up against hordes of robots. You’re constantly outnumbered.

So how do you survive? You need teamwork and knowledge of what the crap to do. Lots of new players have neither. And that’s why I’ve put together the first Coil’s Toils – a guide teaching people the basics and advanceds of Mann vs. Machine. (However, this post quickly became 4500 words, so this guide will only cover part of what you need to know.)

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