What is PGX? It’s a group of friends that spend a lot of time discussing various media or general world happenings. Unlike many groups, it is not a hivemind and we often disagree with each other. Indeed, cases where we are unanimous are few and far between. We’re all a bunch of assholes of varying cynical degrees and write about whatever interests us one way or another. Now, proceed to enjoy the various articles here and let your retinas be massaged by our words and your brain primed for the happy ending.


Tesla Coil

A man whose heart is as cold as the frozen Northlands from which he hails (Canada). His hobbies include writing, drawing, watching too much anime and playing too many video games. He does “Tesla Reviews”, where he reviews things. Tesla likes things that aren’t afraid to not take themselves seriously.

Rob Lucci

A man who enjoys many mediums of fiction. Including; Anime, film, and TV. You know what he loves just as much? Dissecting, analyzing, and criticizing! You can expect all of these things and more in his “Rob Reviews” columns.


A guy who likes various things from Japan, mainly enjoys karate bugmen and things that usually involve giant robots or power armor of some sort. The ramblings will pop up in the my “ZenbuSpeaks” columns whenever the mood swings in that direction.


The egotistical, self-important know-it-all you all love to hate to love. The king’s columns, “Acts of Terrorism” and “Reign of Terror” are what you can expect out of him on a frequent basis. There will be random group posts where the king participates and other nonsense that grabs his attention. The king seems to have a fondness for digital werewolves.


A connoisseur of all fine infotainment, who watches more tv shows than there are stars in the sky. Too many shows currently watching to list, but if it’s out there, he’s watched it. Unless he hasn’t.


Some guy who likes to write without using contractions to annoy people. Likes things that give themselves reasons to be liked on their own. Seems to believe he is a shining beacon of light.

DJ JayRap

A guy who seems to think he is words. The guy seems pretty awful. Let’s just entertain his delusions, maybe one day he’ll realize he isn’t words. Words seems to like a lot of things, usually awful TV shows. Too many shows, too many Japanland things, too many card games. You can expect awful quality writing from a man who calls himself words!

Brandy Beavers

I do what I want.


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