Acts of Terrorism – Heroism

Acts of Terrorism – Heroism
If you’ve kept an eye on even ten percent of the online conversation as it relates to comic book movies, then you’ve very likely, at one point or another, come across a statement like this:
That’s why the studio who doesn’t want their superheroes doing the things that ya know, make them superheroes, is the one struggling right now and the one that is bringing their comic books to life is the one winning
God forbid a movie about brightly colored superheroes actually try to entertain us. What kind of pleb wants that?
And it goes on. To distill the argument down to its purest form, it’s that Marvel does things right because their heroes are heroic, and that DC does things wrong because its heroes are unheroic. I did a post on this prior, and aimed it exclusively on escapism vs realism, but this article will be tackling the issue for a different perspective—namely, what even is heroism. Sit tight, open your mind and buckle up, buckaroos.

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