PGX Watches: Toonami (8/20-21/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (8/20-21/2016)


2016-08-20 (2)

This new CBS comedy sucks.


Cool bit? Just seeing Cell go around terrorizing the world. He’s so nonchalant about being evil, but he isn’t needlessly cruel. He’s a pretty fun character, which is a far cry for his predatory first form or his rapetastic middle form.

One Punch Man

2016-08-20 (3)

Underestimating Saitama’s teeth.

2016-08-20 (5)

Psychic Loli Waifu(?)

2016-08-20 (7)

ohey it’s satan


I don’t like this show. It’s like Fishman Island in One Piece because the characters are strong enough to end this in an instant, but don’t. And it’s the same formula every episode. As it stands, the only time this show amused me was when Crablante showed up.

Gundam: IBO

2016-08-20 (11)

Hit his head one too many times.


This image does a good job of surmising IBO. It’s something that appears interesting on a surface level (hey, it’s a pigman!), but is actually a lot more banal. The most interesting thing about this episode was Crablante returning and being a bigger douchebag than he was in OPM.


2016-08-21 (3)



The situations presented in this show actually feel like creative tests that the main characters have to learn from. In Naruto, it was a lot more mundane generic shonen stuff during the Chunin Exam. If you’re gonna rip something off, Kishi, try to rip off the themes and underlying motifs, rather than just the surface level stuff. I dug this episode. Even the more talky HxH eps are entertaining.


2016-08-21 (5)

MY ART………………………………………………


Deidara didn’t have to blow himself up and die. He chose to in order to be certain Sasuke would die. He did this because he fucking hates the Sharingan and the Uchihas. I sympathize and empathize with Deidara far more than I do any character because of that. I fucking hate the Sharingan and Uchihas too. Really, if you’re just coming in to Naruto and you saw this episode, you’d think Deidara was the good guy because all Sasuke was doing was talking about how much better he is than him because of his eyes, while Deidara just wanted people to acknowledge his art.

One Piece


I dunno, mate.


It’s… it’s awful.


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