PGX Watches: Toonami (8/13-14/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (8/13-14/2016)



Trunks vs. Cell


What I love about this is how Cell, at the end, said he’ll give them 10 days to get stronger, to which Trunks yells about how stupid that is. It’s pretty much the mantra of this entire arc. A character does something stupid, someone calls out that character for said stupid thing, and the character does the stupid thing anyway.

Carly Nagisa

You don’t exactly see something like this in most modern Shonen where the villain is clearly stronger than our heroes and they’ll be forced to give up yet somehow not get killed. Cell literally has the planet under his grip and achieved all of his goals. If it wasn’t for the fact that he probably just want to fight Goku, he’d probably would blow up the planet or fly off to parts unknown.

One Punch Man

2016-08-13 (2)

Confusing a C for an S.

Carly Nagisa

This is why you should always pay attention to Hero lessons before taking an exam. Or basic spelling, either or.

Tesla Coil

I do like the Hero Association introduction. Kicks off a lot of the themes of ‘what does it mean to be a hero?’ and Saitama’s influence on the world and other characters. Speaking of…

2016-08-13 (4).png

RIP mountain.


Action scene was pretty.

Carly Nagisa

This was more impressive seeing it animated in gif form in the second version of the manga. Still looks pretty cool seeing on the big screen.

Tesla Coil

Great scene. Amazing animation, wonderful music.

Gundam: IBO




So it turns out the loli isn’t actually a loli. She’s the same age as all of them, just extremely underdeveloped. And that’s pretty much all from this episode that stuck with me. It’s all boring exposition.

Carly Nagisa

The loli is stealing Hatachin’s entire character but without the sass, this disgust me. Almost as much as the suggestion of a harem anime in my gundam. GTFO Iron Blooded Orphans.

Tesla Coil

Hey anime writers. If you’re trying to make a girl’s goal in life to be in your main character’s harem (literally), pleaseĀ give the main character a likable personality trait. Or any personality trait.


2016-08-14 (1).png



Ahhhhhhhh, face!

No but really, this was some good characterization for the villain. He likes killing, but only strong people. If he sees you can become strong, he leaves you until you are so that he can kill you then. But…

Carly Nagisa

This feels like a good comparison to Cell but it feels more natural if only because of the fact that he isn’t purposely holding an idiot ball to make progression happen. And his desire to fight the strong goes deeper considering he doesn’t spare just anyone if he doesn’t believe that they have the potential or interest him at all.

Tesla Coil

I missed the episodes where Hisoka first beat up the main characters, so uh. A lot of this didn’t have as much tension as it should have for me. …My bad.

2016-08-14 (6).png

I’m your friend but not really, gtfo Gon.


…. that means he isn’t really a threat. When will the main characters be strong enough for him to bother with? How can he be taken seriously as a villain when there’s no threat of him killing our heroes? The show needs to be careful with this.

Carly Nagisa

Well it is the first arc, so I’m not expecting Hisoka to go all out with our characters, at least not yet. Besides, Gon now has another goal besides becoming a hunter. Like a child, he’s incredibly stubborn and has been clearly shown to have a sense of pride. So this is all going according to Hisoka’s plan and I doubt he’d be so merciful as to keep saving Gon if it doesn’t benefit him.


2016-08-14 (10).png

Itachi is Jesus.


All the signs of Itachi’s divinity were there. We just had too much faith in Kishimoto as a writer to believe them.

Carly Nagisa


One Piece

2016-08-14 (9).png

Look, man, Thriller Bark is too slow for me. Here’s an image.

Carly Nagisa

Now let us watch them make Zoro important by shafting Brook completely.


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