PGX Watches: Toonami (7/30-31/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (7/30-31/2016)


2016-07-30 (11).png

A broken man.


Episode was about Cell showing off the difference between Semi-Perfect and true perfection. Sadly, this comes at Vegeta’s expense. See that face? It’s the face of a man rethinking his life decisions.

Carly Nagisa

Cell was truly perfect in this episode and in more ways than one. Though, it still confuses me that Cell would have such a naming scale for his second form. How can you be “Semi-Perfect?” You’re either perfect or you’re not, and in this final form he is perfect. You can literally pity Vegeta for a brief instant before remembering that he literally brought this upon himself. And now he’s getting retribution for his cockiness. The only time when I saw Vegeta get a brutal beatdown like this is with Freeza. The tyrant made the prince of all saiyans cried before facing his doom. I can only imagine it must be the Freeza cells inside of Cell that;s giving him his flare and cruelty in the same manor.

DJ JayRap

I still think Vegeta done goofed. And he probably doesn’t know he done goofed for reasons that he just doomed the planet, he just thinks he made an awful decision based on his own inability to overcome such a powerful opponent. What I’m saying is: Vegeta gets what he deserved for that brain thing he had last week.

One Punch Man

2016-07-30 (12).png


 Carly Nagisa

I like how Genos is no fun mode while Saitama despite bored would want to go through a twenty episode mini-arc going through all those traps and trickery like a traditional hero.

DJ JayRap

I like the part where Genos just destroyed the entire building. It shone a light over his hot-headedness, which is always a great contrast next to someone lacking such a thing like Saitama.

2016-07-30 (13).png



Carly Nagisa

KILL IT WITH FIRE….wait what do you mean fire doesn’t work on him?!?!

2016-07-30 (17).png

The lime green blood is the weirdest part of this.


Episode was annoying to get through. It was 20 minutes of buildup to the same joke where he punches someone and they explode. Space Dandy was eons better if a contemporary nonsensical comedic anime is what you’re looking for.

Carly Nagisa

At least the music was top notch in this fight.

Gundam: IBO

2016-07-30 (21).png

Haremman with many wives.


This is the episode where I decided this show was bad. It’s just so boring and meanders so much. You can’t expect me to care about all this nonsense when the main hooks of the show (Gundams, other mobile suits, war etc) aren’t in the fucking show.

Carly Nagisa

Well it does pass the seven episode rule of watching a show before judging on rather or not its really worth continuing or just garbage. Course I would allow the exception to just three to five episodes considering how painfully boring this show is.

DJ JayRap

I dunno, I actually paid mind to the things happening as of last week. Regrettably, it takes maybe 5 episodes for the average watcher to scoop it up and all it a show. And because of this, I don’t remember jack squat about what happened prior to episode 7, hahaha.



The Not!Forest of Death.


And then he said they should find the heaven and earth scrolls number corresponding to theirs that’s on someone else.

Carly Nagisa

With a design like that, you would think that he was totally NOT a villain.

DJ JayRap

Holy Forest of Death.

2016-07-31 (2).png

Headed for the Not!Chunin Exams.


Killua and Gon are cool kids. Gon’ll have to deal with Hisoka, and Killua’s opponent is a mystery.

Carly Nagisa

So is this the point that Kishimoto wanted to copy the relationship between Gon and Killua to make Naruto and Sasuke but crank it up to the point it comes off being off-putting and obnoxious to avoid being a blatant  ripoff?

DJ JayRap

I like how Gon actually displays some weakness when he says he’s kind of scared and kind of happy about having to face off with Hisoka for his badge.

2016-07-31 (4).png

Poor bird.


Gon, deciding he needs to learn how to hunt in order to get Hisoka’s badge, practices his fishing skills on birds. This ep was cool set up.

Carly Nagisa

I dunno how but they manage to make a training session about how to deal with the closest thing this show has to a main villain entertaining. Good job.

DJ JayRap

I like that Gon didn’t just go ahead and charge in to figure things out mid-battle. Instead, he’s figured out something by learning the basics of hunting for prey. Although, this could get pretty dark if Hisoka’s prey so happens to be a pal of his, haha.



2016-07-31 (8).png

Coincidentally, this show makes me feel pain.


Everything interesting happened offscreen. Namely the Yonbi fight. Bad episode, though it’s always neat watching Akatsuki meetings. Shame you know they’re completely irrelevant because Kishi can’t write.

Carly Nagisa

This show is garbage.

One Piece


Vai might say something.

Rob Lucci

I was too busy playing a card game.

Carly Nagisa

Toei continues to be garbage, just read the manga.


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