PGX Watches: Toonami (7/23-24/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (7/23-24/2016)




Rob Lucci

Trunks tried so hard but the sheer weight of the growing idiot balls crushed him.

Carly Nagisa

Curse you idiot balls, curse you for being the true antagonist of this arc. Curse you!!

Tesla Coil

It was genuinely disturbing how rapey this was.

One Punch Man


Japan goes the distance.

Rob Lucci

Somebody designed this.

 Carly Nagisa

And the people who like monster girls are having a field day with this…super.

Tesla Coil

Murata is a weird guy. And this isn’t even his besto gahl.

2016-07-23 (1).png

Exposition bomb.

Rob Lucci

I love how the music builds and the dialogue slowly speeds up and up and up until Saitama finally has enough and cracks. It’s a good parody in a medium that really, really needs shit like this to be parodied.

Carly Nagisa

Genos really is one of those characters you develop as a teen when writing your first story because you think it’ll be so cool to have such a brooding backstory about vengeance. And I enjoy how OPM makes fun of that when going into telling his story.

Tesla Coil

I’ve decided that Saitama’s dub voice is perfect. Genos’ is… all right. It actually seemed to get better as the episode went on, so either I was used to it by then, or the VA really got used to his new role fast. Either way, hurray for good dubbing!

2016-07-23 (5).png

Man, this shit is just weird when you get a good look at it.

Rob Lucci

The second half was regrettably a bit duller. The designs are fantastic, but I’m not big into a lot of the gags.

Carly Nagisa

No fucks are given to the man in the hole.

Tesla Coil

I’m trying not to defend One Punch Man too much to the guys who aren’t fully into it. I think it can stand on its own merits without me explaining the jokes or the themes.

2016-07-23 (6).png

Clone Cliffhanger

Rob Lucci

They all chose that hairstyle.

Carly Nagisa

Sasuke uchiha is that you?

Tesla Coil

If this guy’s such a genetics expert, why are all his clones near-sighted?

Gundam: IBO

2016-07-23 (11).png

Things happen.

Carly Nagisa

So let me get this straight, our heroes stole a space ship because the employer is crooked as fuck and yadda yadda. They finally find them, they come to a disagreement, they fight, the scumbag reveals his motive to the men he hired and then they decide to call off their fight to the death after realizing those children are more useless than even they gave them credit and the employer being a douchebag? Yeah…fuck this show.

Tesla Coil

I’ve noticed that the characters in IBO tend to be drawn at the same few angles and basically reuse the same shots over and over. I think that’s part of why IBO doesn’t grab our attention. But this episode was a little better in that department and a lot better in the Gundam battle department. This one was way more interesting.




Carly Nagisa

*Just puts down a boombox playing a “the price is right” remix for the next 24 mins*



We’ll never see him again. No sir-ee.

Rob Lucci

Kakashi Gaiden. What a ride. That I didn’t ride at all. Because it sucks. Good thing it won’t ever be important and was just meaningless filler.

Carly Nagisa

And to think Kishimoto makes all of this completely pointless in the next few arcs. Proving that there’s no good uchihas in the story and they’re all doomed to become edgelord villains. So Sanada is as good as fucked when she becomes evil five arcs later.

One Piece



Rob Lucci

Ian Sinclair, too.

Carly Nagisa

Toei Piece’s pacing is so horrible that its making me go mad, but i do like this scene of the two of them fighting and Brook’s motive. Too bad he has to lose so that Zoro has a swordsman to fight.


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