PGX Watches: Toonami (5/14-15/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (5/14-15/2016)


2016-05-14 (7).png



Piccolo tricked Cell into telling him everything by playing possum. It’s nice because this is a strategy Piccolo would’ve never come up with without the patience of Kami. He was pretty brash before, but now can be calmer and more focused. Anyway, now we know Cell comes from a third timeline, and should you really think about it, that means there’s a fourth timeline involved in this story.

Rob Lucci

This arc moves really slow, doesn’t it?

Dimension W

2016-05-14 (12).png

Last Fanservice~


I think her clothes could be tighter. Try harder, Dimension W.



Rob Lucci

No Robutt, only silence.

2016-05-14 (14).png

The truth behind Genesis


Look, man, I don’t know what this thing is. I just resolved it in my head as “It’s a Philosopher’s Stone”.

2016-05-14 (16).png

holy face


I didn’t care about this villain being a villain; I didn’t care about his initial descent into villainy; I didn’t care about him finding redemption.

2016-05-14 (19).png

Pictured: Two Losers.


Loser the only character whose parts I paid attention to. He was introduced very early, but even so he feels like he isn’t as developed as he could be. His death meant nothing to me.

2016-05-14 (20).png

The End.


Here’s the problem with Dimension W. Most shows take you out on a date and introduces you to its characters, concepts and themes over future dates. They slowly build up to asking you to their house where they rock your world and then drive you home in the morning. Dimension W, unwisely I might add, just walks up to you and flashes you, expecting you to get on your knees and open wide for it. That’s why it fails. Dimension W expects too much interest from its viewer without doing anything to CULTIVATE that interest.

This would be an average show, but I actually think it’s below average for having absolutely NOTHING that stands out. From a main character ripped from Darker Than Black, to a story that does nothing novel.


This show was weird. I missed 3 episodes and suddenly everyone was in a completely different place doin’ some new thing. Then I missed 3 more and it looked like they were still in the same place. The few eps I saw were clunky and full of words that held no meaning to me. Oh well.

Rob Lucci

The show wasn’t especially compelling, but the last few episodes at least had me somewhat intrigued.






2016-05-15 (3).png



SO this episode is exactly the Forest of Death section of the Chunin Exam from Naruto. It’s the exact same set up as the rain ninja trying to kill Gaara in the FoD with team 8 watching. It’s jarring how much Kishimoto stole for the arc everyone liked and respected most in the series.

Rob Lucci

I can’t tell if Clownjob is Gaara or Orochimaru. All I know is that I’m liking this, possibly because the Chunin Exams were so good.


2016-05-15 (9).png

Mugen trying to get into a lady’s pants, attempt #2151651465.


Funny how Mugen’s always chasing but never getting, while Jin’s always getting but never chasing. Baller.


2016-05-15 (12).png

Blind Assassin


Why, women practically throw themselves at him. That Jin is too swagdadlicious.





It was basically 23 minutes of everyone going “This arc didn’t matter”. Thank goodness it’s over. Now we look forward to an even worse torture: Sasuke Shippuden.

Rob Lucci

This was hot garbage and I’ve already forgotten everything about it.

One Piece

2016-05-15 (14)



I don’t even know, man. I don’t even know.


I missed 3 episodes of this and the only thing that happened was the pig lady showing up? God Toei, what did you do. At least this episode kinda sped up the crew getting captured and taken to Moriah one by one.

Rob Lucci

This arc sure is weird.


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