PGX Watches: Toonami (4/23-24/2016)

PGX Watches: Toonami (4/23-24/2016)




Tesla Coil

Terror tells us this episode was made of two manga chapters. Two. I’m guessing they weren’t even fast-paced chapters.


What makes the 2-chapter thing funnier is Dragonball’s manga is from back in the days where there was only 14 pages each chapter as opposed to the modern standard of 17-18.

Anyway, I dug the exposition this episode.

Carly Nagisa

Holy plot transition batman, it looks like Toei remember that this was to be a condensed version of dragonball z. I’m really getting freaked out by the fact that we completed two chapters in one ep, that’s a new record!

Rob Lucci

Sometimes almost nothing happens in this show. This was one of those times.

Dimension W

2016-04-23 (2).png


Tesla Coil

This episode explained why Kyoma was a dick to Mira for the whole show, and also why this show is more enjoyable on the second watch.

Carly Nagisa

Too much exposition for me *explodes*

2016-04-23 (6).png


Tesla Coil

Who’s this guy? Where’d he come from? Why is he behind every tragedy and minor annoyance that every other character has ever experienced?


Pretty late to be introducing some huge villain. Or maybe he showed up earlier in a previous episode but I was too spaced out by the exposition to notice.

Carly Nagisa

Totally not a villain there.

2016-04-23 (8).png

Ball of sudden villain.

Tesla Coil

This friggin’ show. I’m totally fine with waiting around for the answers to mysteries. It wouldn’t be interesting if every question was answered as soon as it came up; I get that. But when you’ve got something like Mira being an intended substitute body for Kyoma’s love interest, which all the relevant characters already knew, then it’s not a mystery. It’s just something you’re not telling the audience until too long after it becomes relevant.

I think the same can be said for Seameyer’s existence, but I forget who knew he existed, so I’ll let that one slide.


I was able to soak in Ian Sinclair’s backstory and Kyoma’s backstory, but everything else was just a blur. Like the same nonsense of too much information being thrown at me and me not caring enough to catch.

Carly Nagisa

Did our main villain just lose to the power of love? ….I have so many questions about this stupid show but I think if I ask them, they’ll just throw out more questions instead of answers.

Rob Lucci

I have some decent understanding of what’s happening but at the same time I feel like the entire thing desperately needs restructuring. I’ll be rewatching it for sure.



Random back alley question.


So this test is “Here is a hard situation where you have to choose between two difficult choices.” The right answer is to not choose at all. That is so fucking stupid I couldn’t wrap my head around it. If being a Hunter is as easy as you not doing anything, why is it being built up as being this hard to achieve great honor? Stupid test.

Carly Nagisa

Genkai’s test was so much better. All you had to do there was play video games, survive a hike and beat each other up. I was hoping for one of the three to happen in HunterxHunter. You disappointed me not YYH.

Rob Lucci

I think this question will come back at some point in the story, probably sooner than later.

2016-04-24 (2).png

Random forest-located test.


I didn’t like this episode. Two episodes in and still no hook. This isn’t excused by this being an older show. DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho (perhaps the most relevant example), Naruto, Bleach and One Piece all started with episodes that set the tone and made you want to watch the next.

Carly Nagisa

What the hell am I staring at?


2016-04-24 (6).png

Burnt to nothing


I love how music-heavy the guy’s flashbacks are. Minimal dialogue, so the story was mostly told through filtered colors, animation and sound. Good stuff. I just wish there was no dialogue.

Carly Nagisa

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Like that one guy from episode one who wanted everything to burn to the ground. I miss him.

2016-04-24 (9).png

For real though these shots are amazing


Fiery vengeance


This was a nice revenge story. A lot more artsy than you’d think this show would be able to be.

Carly Nagisa

Seriously go watch the show already.


2016-04-24 (12)

Even Steve Blum can’t salvage this.


The filler villain group have a falling out with their leader because they felt betrayed. It was a lengthy scene which leaves me thinking that the writers expected me to care about them. I don’t. Because they’re awful characters, you see.

 Carly Nagisa

I don’t care in the slightest, just kill one another.

Rob Lucci

This arc is still happening.

One Piece


Our main antagonist, Gecko Moria.


It’s One Piece.

Carly Nagisa

This will be the only time where Moria is legitimately frightening so take it as you will boys and girls.

Rob Lucci

I forgot how bad most of the villains in the arc were. I’m fine with Hogback, but Perona and her dumb laugh…. eugh.


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