Flame Effigy Reviews: Moonbeam City, Glitzotrene – One Town’s Seduction!


Moonbeam City


Episode 5 of Moonbeam City chronicles a battle as old as time. Hardfought through the generations, its battles passed on through word of mouth, and replicated in sweeping cinematic epics. Yes, it’s all about the cops vs firemen, but Dazzle Novak has an ace up his sleeve. A powdered, brightly colored ace that is inhaled into the body. Intraearily. Through the ear.

Our saga begins with Dazzle and crew putting a stop to the dastardly anarchist plot of some dastardly anarchists, with the help of some accidental fire. Anarchists hate being burned alive.

This opening sequence was the advertised segment Comedy Central aired for this episode, and once again they slightly rearranged the scene to make it less funny. I’m more than a little wary of their attempts at pushing this more than decent little animated program. As I stated earlier, in my review of the pilot episode, their first teaser trailers were very underplayed, cutting out a lot of the snappy line delivery and sight gags the show provides. But I supposed with the excellent time slot of directly after South Park whose newest season is better than ever, Moonbeam City doesn’t need heavy advertisement.

After the flames spread out, consuming a backup vehicle of 14 policemen, a new force is called in to quell the raging inferno: The beloved fire department.

I wonder why they’re beloved.

Pizzaz, upset as always that Dazzle has failed to accomplish stopping any real crime, now has even more reason to be; Eo Jaxxon, the mayor, finally reveals himself, and he is very unhappy. Well, he’s unhappy with the work Pizzaz is doing for him , but happy with the work Pizzaz could be doing. For him. Sexually.

Since the fire department is doing their own work, plus the police force’s work in taking down crime through firetruck vehicular homicide. Eo Jaxxon doesn’t see much use in having both, and decides to do away with them, but Dazzle has his most brilliant idea to date:  Create a drug epidemic so far reaching that the mayor will have to keep the police department around. And since Dazzle is creating the epidemic, that means he can easily stop it, securing glory and proving the department’s worth.

Wow, that is surprisingly unselfish of him, isn’t it?

After a well placed synthpop montage, Dazzle, and Dazzle alone, reveals the fruits of his labor: Glitzotrene, the hottest new drug soon to be on the street. Unfortunately, they quickly realize that they have the drug, but no druglord to take down. Without that, they have no way to actually end the drug panic they’ve created. Enter Rad, who sums up his characterization perfectly with his line. “If I can’t be the hero, being a villain is the next best thing, because villains are feared and respected, and not mistaken for sex offenders.” Yep, that’s our Rad.

Of course, what’s a druglord without a kickin’ outfit? The next sequence in which Rad tries on clothes only lasts for a few seconds, but it’s my favorite part of the episode. The background music starts to swell into the standard montage music Dazzle always uses, but is immediately replaced with a more upbeat tune, complete with Rad singing his own montage music.

Gangster eyebrows or lasers? Decisions are hard.

Now in his “Raduardo Glitzcobar” persona, Rad prepares for his highly publicized scheduled arrest, enjoying his life of luxury while he can. Unfortunately for him, now that he has become the face of glitzotrene, he’s also become the target for the druglord he replaced. Rad doesn’t get to spend any time enjoying his newfound “success”, which is a real shame, because this is probably the closest he’s ever come to succeeding at anything, and probably the closest he’ll come for a long time.

Immediately captured after a very apt monologue, Rad is forced to make glitzotrene for his rival druglord, which he of course doesn’t know how to make, and the televised arrest goes down the drain. Eventually, after a few turn of events, the fire department  saves the day, and the gang’s scheme falls in on itself, rending it all for naught. The day isn’t saved, but Pizzaz submits to midnight underwear lunches, and saves it well enough. It’s interesting how Dazzle’s schemes don’t magically fall perfectly into place this time, and in fact leave them in a far worse position than where they started. But that’s everyone else’s problem, the Dazz-Man’s gonna keep on keeping on.

It’s really great to see bits and pieces of the city be revealed in each episode, like the faces on the money, the flag, and the different organizations in the city. The fire department is quite an interesting addition to the city, and the plot really could have gone a different direction than it did while still maintaining the rivalry between the police and fire departments. Perhaps one day they will play a larger role in an episode’s plot.

Glitzotrene – One Town’s Seduction scores itself an A-.

Catch Moonbeam City Wednesday nights on Comedy Central, right after South Park


The Good, The Bad, and The Miscellaneous

The episode on a whole flows pretty nicely, cutting between Dazzle and Rad without fracturing the episode into an A/B plot.

This is the first episode where Pizzaz does not have her dramatic shutter shadows. Instead, the mayor has shadows of villainy that changes his eye color from a natural purple to a venomous orange, and if anyone deserves a shadow of villainy, it’s him.

The stinger was ridiculous this time around, with a reference I couldn’t have possibly seen coming

Another Chrysalis line mentioning her love for glasses.

Rad’s shock at one of the firemen looking like him was perfectly on the nose.

Is there anything more obnoxious than air horns?

The animation had a couple weak spots in this episode. First off was when Eo Jaxxon was laughing after suggesting that Pizzaz could be a pole polisher, and another when Jericho was laughing maniacally. The mouth movements just didn’t look right, and neither did the eyes.

Rad’s hallucinations when first taking glitzotrene were very interesting. Glitter Dogs, and a reference to the next episode…

Neat. The Moonbeam City flag is the same as the american flag, but with white flamingos instead of stars.

Rad’s dialogue with his captors wasn’t all that funny

The scene in which Pizzaz explains how she kept the police department from being dissolved borders on creepy, but Dazzle’s clueless and perfect line delivery keeps it from being as such.


Memorable Lines

Shoot at the base of the flames, where the fire’s brains are.

Let’s get out of here in a disorderly fashion! This is perfect anarchism!

Those dalmation diddling gloryhogs. They’re gonna hog all the glory!

I say we fight firefighters with fire!

My snow leopards can smell lies, like I can smell…beautiful feet.

Yes, we’ll just blame it on the Irish!

Moonbeam City, get ready to meet your new best frenemy…with benefists.

Hmm, looks like Jericho played a little trick on me. Suicide, the oldest trick in the book.

There’s neighborhoods on the south side that are now safe to walk though, at night even.

This is a disaster! Rad was wearing over a million dollars worth of police issue tactical jewelry. Do you understand? We have got to find that costume!

Hey what’s up ladies? Ya’ll wanna rub my mask?

Hey. Why are you going into that supply closet? Do they serve food in there? *laugh* Pizzaz?!

Pictured: Heavy breathing


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